From every part of the world, either in America or Africa, Asia or Europe, many people want to become rich, want to become millionaires or billionaires, and so many people are desperately gullible and ignorant in the name of wanting to become super-rich without stress, so some few “smart” people are taking advantage and becoming millionaires and billionaires without so much stress.

How It Works
This is a secret I’m sharing with you, secret of wealth of some people in this generation especially our modern preachers and motivational speakers. This is how it works, these smart people become millionaires by charging people on how to become millionaires, simple!

You ‘re surprised why we have so many millionaires pastors, prophets and motivational speakers in this generation than ever before? It’s not their businesses or careers that made them so rich than their mates who are not preachers, it is this hidden secret. The pastor make money and become millionaire by preaching to people on how to become millionaires; prophets make money through prophetic offerings by praying or prophesying to people on how to make money; motivational speakers organize speeches, conferences and seminars on how to succeed or become millionaires, they charge people and become millionaires in the process.

In America or Africa, these preachers publish books on how to succeed and become rich, after they sell their books, they automatically become rich themselves. It’s not by doing business, practicing a profession that make them rich, but they become rich by charging gullible people on how to be rich. The Bible says, “By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words” 2 Peters 2:3. So our modern preachers and motivational speakers are exploiting many people today.

This is satanic system many preachers are using today, and so many ignorant Christians are falling as their prey. Yes, most of them are university graduates, but they were not as rich or even successful before they got into ministry and began to make so much money and became millionaires without much stress. That is the reason I laugh when they talk about success, they are only successful because they capitalize on people’s ignorance, successfully making money from people simply by preaching to them, selling their CDs, books, etc. on how to be successful.

If most of them were to remain in their careers, professions or businesses, will they ever become so rich as they are today? NO! They give testimonies on how they were so poor before and total failure, but now they boast of millions, live luxurious lifestyles, how did it happen or how did God do it for them? It happens by collecting or receiving offering from people on how to be rich.

That is the reason starting “church” is the most lucrative business today, that is the reason they preach and pray more on prosperity and earthly blessings, because that is how they become rich; that is also the reason they don’t give anything free of charge in their ministry, they charge people for seminars, they charge for Bible training, they charge high school fees, they sell their books and CDs by force, they preach and pray sweet things and blessings that would bring out money from people’s pockets.

How would they make money by warning people about the danger of hell, by preaching against sin and worldliness, by preaching about restitution, holiness, rapture? That is the reason they seldom preaching on heavenly things because they are business men in ministry. It sounds to funny to me when some people oppose me and say, “Don’t speak against men of God”, these are businessmen not men of God. Anyone who makes money and become rich in the name of preaching or prophesying is a businessman not man of God.

1 Timothy 6:5, “useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself”

Bible is warning you to withdraw from money making preachers, to withdraw from those who are preaching to you and praying for you to get riches in a smart, stress-free way, such way lead to perdition.

The Bible is also warning you to withdraw from churches where they preach and pray on how to make wealth than how to make heaven, you are warned today to withdraw from preachers who repeatedly tell you how your name will enter Forbes’ list of billionaires than how your name will enter the Book of life.

The riches and wealth of this life you are running after today, making you not to have time for God, making you to ignore God and sin against Him in the name of getting riches, all will become useless after the rapture or when you die, and then you will face the eternal judgment, unfortunately your millionaire pastor will not be there for you then. And you will not say someone did not warn you, even though you think I’m judging now, but then you will face the real judgment.

“For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Matthew 16:26.

If you want to surrender your life to Jesus or rededicate your life to Him, please click on this link, read and pray as directed



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