Jude 3, “….. found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.”

Do you know the Bible instructs and exhort believers, especially in this end time, to contend for the faith? And if you would ask me, what does it means to contend? To contend, based on Google online dictionary, is to insist, assert, argue or affirm. This meaning of “contend” is applicable in Christian living and in the work of ministry in this end time.

When there are different versions of faith – modern faith, modern parish or American civilized faith, we must insist on the right one. And which one is the right type of faith? Every faith, every preacher, every church claims their mode of faith or teaching or doctrine or system is the right one, but do you know how to know the right faith in this end time? So simple, right faith is original faith, the unchanging faith which was “ONCE for all delivered to the saints.” Jude 3.

The right faith is the original, old and unchanging faith, which was once delivered to the saints from the Bible.

And if you don’t want to miss it as a Christian in your journey to heaven, if you don’t want to miss it as a minister of the gospel in the work of God, you must insist, assert, affirm on the original faith which was once delivered to the saints in the Bible.

Many pastors, bishops, apostles and prophets these days are claiming new models of faith which are being delivered to them; some say a new mandate of ministry, some say new model of church system, some claim new methods and messages, some say new prophetic ministry; all these people still quote Bible, they still speak in tongues, they even perform miracles, but the word of God is exhorting you never to connect with them, as long they are different from the old time faith of the Bible.

The Bible says, “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” you know what it means, it means everything about faith, Christian living and ministry has been delivered once to saints as written in the Bible, anything different or latest is fake and from Satan.

Those who claim mandate of prosperity more than purity of life are fake inspired by Satan. Those who claim ministry of deliverance from witches and wizards more than deliverance from sins are not from God. Those who claim your faith is in your heart and is not affected by outward worldliness in dressing or living are fake deceived by end time heresy. Those who claim once saved is always saved are holding fake type of faith. Those who claim restitution is not a must in Christian faith are fake ministers, those who claim you must redeem your first child with money are fake ministers, those who care for this world more than coming of Christ are fake.

And when it comes to the work of ministry, any doctrine, system of fund raising or administrative system different from the one delivered to the saints in the Bible is fake.

This morning when I was praying and communicating with God on how it would be difficult for me to connect with modern ministers with the type of faith I’m holding, and how several ministers on Facebook are disconnecting from me because they found my preaching too hard or harsh, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I called you to contend for faith on Facebook and everywhere and not to connect with multitude”

So I’m here, anywhere I find myself, not to connect with churches or ministers and make more ministerial or church connections for my ministry or programs, I’m here not to make more fans, friends, fortune or followers but I’m here to contend for old time faith which was once delivered to the saints. I’m here to insist on the old faith and not to impress, I’m here to affirm on old narrow path, not to align with modern ministers, I’m here to contend that old faith and not to compromise with the modern gospel.

The old time faith is so strange to this modern world that many “so called” devoted Christians saw it strange when we preached that high heel shoes, painting lips, makeups or ministers of God living luxurious lifestyles are worldliness.

So, I’m not here to connect with worldly view of popular Christian faith of today, I’m not here to be accepted by popular ministers, I’m not here to compromise in the name of doing God’s work together, I don’t care how this perishing world feel about my old time faith or how the misled modern ministers and popular penti-rascal Christians feel about my messages, I’m only here to contend for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints. What about you?

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