About 5 years ago, I was communicating with a Christian brother who lived in UK on phone, he was so much zealous with research and fact that rapture would take place soon, not only that, he began to make research about Barrack Obama, the US President then, and he concluded that Obama was to be the real Anti-Christ. It got to a time that my spirit was no more comfortable with those calculations and research again, because several time we talked on phone, he would share more about rapture calculation and Anti-Christ speculations with less of sharing of Bible.
The same thing happened recently when a man in US concluded that the world would end today 23rd of Sept. 2017, bases on his biblical and scientific calculations. All such calculations and predictions are erroneous and unbiblical.
Now more than these, many wonderful Christians today are so concerned about the rapture, they teach and preach more about rapture; some say because rapture would happen soon, they should not think or plan for the far future, they should not engage themselves with proper plans for their future. Such is also extreme and unbiblical.
The Question?
The question is that, should we be conscious of rapture, calculating and not planning for our marital, financial and academic future? The answer is no!
Being conscious of the rapture is not what will not make you rapturable. There is difference between being conscious of the rapture and being prepared for the rapture. To be conscious of rapture alone is to be talking, counting, calculating and researching about rapture, but to be prepared for the rapture is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and living to pleasing Him.
Should we not plan for our earthly future, invest in business, plan to get married or have children because we are waiting for the rapture? The answer is NO!
The Bible says no one knows when the rapture will take place, so what we need is to be prepared always, and also occupy till He comes. We must occupy in God’s work and in anything we do on earth – school, business, job, career. Being idle on earthly things does not guarantee making the rapture.
In fact the Bible recorded how rapture will take place in the book of Luke 17:35, 36, “Two women will be grinding together: the one will be taken and the other left. 36 Two men will be in the field: the one will be taken and the other left.” A woman busy grinding and working, it does not hinder her from make the rapture. The man that is busy in the field, farming or investing, yet he makes the rapture.
What this means is that, as children of God, we can be prepared for the rapture in holiness and serving God and still go to school, plan for better future on earth, work, invest, marry, aspire to succeed in career or business, even while you are waiting for the rapture to take place. We must be occupied till He comes.
What matters about rapture is not just to be conscious of it, but to be prepared always, and while we wait for the rapture to happens anytime, we must occupy profitably till He comes.
Are you ready? May we be counted worth on that glorious day. Amen.
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