Recently I got to know a Christian woman who is also a businesswoman. She has been doing her business and established her successful financial company in Nigeria. But her running business involved some little lies and false information that hunt no one but just to things presentable to Government agency regulating the sector, without that, it would be impossible to successfully run the company, in fact the, the Government agency officials usually teach them how to “work things out.”
Going to her office few months ago, the big and beautiful office she built for years is now dry and semi-empty, why? Because she stopped the false information and those “little” lies, and immediately the business ran down, because it’s not possible to run such business with lies. She was determined to make heaven and make things right even if it will cost her to lose everything and trust God for everything.This made me to think seriously.
Are there not many successful Christians in business, career or even in workplace with sinful means. Yes, people are celebrating you as a successful person, you are making it in business, in your career; yes, you are getting contracts, yes you got the good job, and your family, friend, brethren in the church are celebrating you as a successful person, but you know within you that the means by which you get the success is sinful. You know what? You got to chose to amend your way with God, let go of the sinful success and let God take control from here, or you continue in sinful success with no hope for eternal life.
Many are getting or keeping their success and blessings by sinful means, yet they are celebrating and testifying in the church, they are ignorant that such blessings or success are not from God but from Satan. When you get your success through telling lie of any kind, running business through lies or false information, falsifying information, documents, changing your age, state of origin or by giving bribe/settlement, by sexual immorality, by joining occult group, by stealing company’s or Government’s money, or any fraudulent means, as long you continue in such situation, you have lost any hope of heaven, no matter how committed you are to God’s service and to people.
You need to face the reality, are you not ready to let go of the whole world and gain heaven? Will you not let go of the job, sinful connections and business and save your soul from eternal condemnation? What shall it profit you after you get all the blessings and success and land in hell fire? Are you thinking of what people will say, of how you will start again if you let go? Is’t not better to start afresh with God than to continue on that broad way of sinful success that leads to eternal sorrow?
It’s not too late for you now. You can surrender all to Jesus and let Him take control of your life from here. He has a better plan for you and beautiful heaven prepared for you, if you humble yourself and let go of the sinful success and ways….God bless you as you obey.
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