The owner of a distributing company of our products in US was so diligent and working hard to see things successfully work out, later I got to know that he is the present President of Baptist Convention of a major state in USA, having 100 churches under his supervision and he told me before the end of his tenor as the state President, he hope the churches reach 300 in numbers.
Then I wonder if American minister who has many things easy for him financially could plan and work towards his financial independence, what about us in Africa?
This elderly man is a busy man with different activities in the churches, meetings and travelings, but he care to establish his company so he can independently take of his missionary partners in different countries and his families without compromise.
Apostle Paul, with all his busy mission and ministry activities could still work with his two hands for his financial independence, he said, “Yes, you yourselves know that these hands have provided for my necessities, and for those who were with me.” Acts 20:34
Many ministers of God have limited themselves to what they can get through people or what they can sell in the ministry, which is wrong, which is the reason many can’t boldly preach the whole truth, which is the reason many are turning their ministry to business, selling everything “sellable” in the ministry.
The truth is that a minister of God, like Apostle Paul, can run a small business outside his ministry and then run a free of charge ministry without selling anything in his ministry and without begging for his ministry or family to survive.
That is the reason God is leading us to organize this seminar: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE FOR CHRISTIANS AND MINISTERS.
In this program we are going to share how to start and run business in good and godly way successfully, with different business ideas including farming, We going to do enlightenments on productions of some products such as foams, mattresses, Balms, Lubricant oils, etc. and also on effective marketing strategies.
Date: Monday Oct. 2nd 2017
Venue: Institute of Church and Society, Samonda, Sango/U.I road, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.
Registration Condition: Registration is free but you must register before the date to make proper arrangement.
To register, send your name and location to Evangelist Shola Oyin-Adejobi on 08132914000
Guess Room: If you are coming from afar, you can call the Evangelist for room booking, the Institute has cheap guess room.
Facilitator: Gideon Akande.
God bless you!

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