– Warning Against Extremism & Worldliness ( Bible Study Series – 1)

A Christian woman can include a girl, lady or woman who has been transformed by the blood of Jesus into the kingdom of God through repentance and genuine salvation, and when this transformation takes place, it affects every area of your life including your outward life and body, how you present your body in dressing, how you take care of your body, your hair and hairstyle. And in these Bible Study series today, we are talking about how a Christian girl, lady or woman should adorn and take care of her hair, godly styles.

Extremism Leads To Worldliness and Hypocrisy!
Before I talk on biblical guidelines how a Christian woman should take care of her hair, I first want to warn against extremism from some Christians motivated by new-arrival visions, they teach that an African Christian woman with tougher hair and easily-entangled hair cannot plait her hair, cannot use rubber, thread or wool, and that all who do that are going to hell fire. This is not only extreme but misleading, because since the beginning of Christianity in Africa, Christian women and all the powerful and wonderful women of God in Africa have been plaiting their hair moderately and using thread and rubber, including the wives of our great men of God, even your senior pastors’ wives who cared for holiness, and also all the born again sisters, S U sisters of old whom God used mightily and who opposed worldliness and embraced holiness; the new-arrival visions and our brethren with extreme teachings say all those wonderful women are in hell fire now, none of them made heaven simply because they plaited their hair, they used thread or rubber to plait. This is nothing but heresy!

I began to come across such teaching that a Christian woman should not plait her hair, which started around 2012, when several visions of hell came online, and then I told some Christian sisters that such is not true, but some out of fear stopped plaiting or using thread or wool, but since it was somehow impossible for many of them to maintain their hair naturally without plaiting or using wool, they had to cut their hair, even against their husband wishes. But unfortunately some are now using relaxer and even wigs and weave-on now, the extreme teachings made them go worldly.

In the first, how does an African woman’s hair grows? How possible is it for an African woman to maintain growing and healthy hair without plaiting and not using chemical relaxer at the same time, beginning from a baby girl? Does that means a Christian baby girl or small girl can plait her hair but not adult? That is hypocrisy!

This extreme teaching says a Christian woman can only apply oils and pack her hair naturally. I am saying this with my little experience that such is 90% impossible. I had a natural hair care center in Abuja city till last year, had female hairstylists; all we were doing – natural hair treatments and hair care without chemical, and 3 things I can say about “apply oil and pack”

1, no natural oil that can make many tough natural African hair soft and manageable naturally without using hot methods like straighners, stretchers, steamers or chemical relaxers, and all these damage hair seriously.

2, even if using oils and steaming work for some, those natural oils such as olive oil are expensive, so a woman who cannot afford oils should do what, when there is alternative to simply plait hair with simple hair cream and maintain a healthy and growing hair?

3, “Apply oil and pack” system does not last before it will get entangled over and over again. If you are a working class woman, you don’t need to cover your hair to office every day of the year, it takes several minutes every morning to apply oil and pack while you can plait your hair decently which can last for a whole week or more.

What The Bible Says Plaiting Hair, Using fine Cloths & Gold
1 Peter 3:3, “Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel.”

1 Timothy 2:9, “In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing”

Does these 2 Bible verses mean Christians women and daughters should not plait their hair, should not arrange their hair, and all Christians should not wear fine clothes, should not use anything with gold or silver including wrist watches, wall clocks, even building materials, cars, phones, with any design of gold or silver including silver spoor and food flask? The simple answer is NO! What these 2 Bible verses means are:

1, we should do things moderately – plaiting, arranging hair moderately, and using gold or silver;

2, our focus should not be on outward look, we should focus primarily on inward beauty.

Good & Godly Ways A Christian Woman Can Take Care of Her Hair
1, You can plait your hair moderately, you can use rubber, thread or wool – in black colour. Difference between wool, thread and attachment of weave-on: while both help to keep hair-do last longer, but weave-on is out of moderation, expensive, and even manipulated by human hairs which were used for demonic sacrifices.

2, Do not use relaxer, colorant or stretcher, they damage hair and alter God’s given color. Damaging your hair with relaxing chemical, stretcher or colorant is the same thing with people bleaching or toning their skins.

3, Do not braid too tiny hairstyle, it will pull your front hair, do not tie turban or scarf too tight, you will lose your front hair in the process.

4, Using wig, artificial hair, human hair, and colored wool and threads are not good for a godly woman.

5, Worldly hairstyle for men and women should be avoided by Christian brothers and sisters.

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