I notice that some Christians and churches are going extreme in the name of holiness and teaching doctrines which is against the teachings of our founding fathers of faith. These extreme teachings are motivated by new arrival visions and revelations and not by the Word of God. Some of these extreme teachings even claim a Christian woman cannot plait her hair naturally or use thread, and some other extreme teachings which cannot stand the test of time and which eventually lead to hypocrisy.
In line with these extremism, we at Revelation of Truth Evangelical Ministries (RTEM) will be taking the next few days, by God’s grace, to share and teach on the Bible standard and teachings on how Christian women and men should take care of their hair, godly dresses, and we are going to be answering frequent questions about wedding rings, earrings, women wearing trousers, women covering hair, women using wools, etc.
At RTEM, we are not party to extremism, we are not here to impress anyone, we are not seeking ministerial partnership, fans, friends or favour. We are not here to teach extreme holiness which lack the grace of God in the name of “holier than thou”
While we oppose modern church which leads worldliness, we also oppose extreme teachings which leads to hypocrisy. Our standard is the unchanging word of God, nothing less and nothing more.
You can follow these series of teachings on our ministry’s Facebook page or website
Please pray along with us as the dig deep into God’s word.
God bless you
Gideon Akande
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