If you are driving from Lagos to Ibadan, a journey of about 120klm, and you tune to your favourite radio station in your vehicle, for example LAGOS 97.5 FM; as you are driving around Lagos the radio station will be very clear. But you will discover that as you move a bit far away from Lagos, the radio wave will be getting noisy as if wing is carrying it on and off, and it will get to a particular point that will not be able to hear what they are saying on the radio clear again because you are driving far away from Lagos where the radio station is located. Along the journey it will get to a point where you will not hear any word or music from the radio station again except the noise. And by the time you get to the city of Ibadan, you may be surprised that you will be hearing another station pick up from that same 97.5 FM, but no longer LAGOS FM, it is another radio station in Ibadan. This is the illustration the Lord gave me this morning when we were praying in the fellowship about our relationship and connection with Holy Spirit. Let me explain details to you below:
1, Full Connection
When you repent and become born again, the Holy Spirit enters into your life and becomes your Companion, Great Teacher and Comforter; you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, and as long you maintain intimacy with Him through reading and meditating the Word of God, praying, obeying the Word of God and following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will remain in tune with the Holy Spirit the Great Comforter and Teacher. In such situation you are in clear connection with Holy Spirit, you can hear Him leading you and guiding you in all your ways. You don’t need a prophet to tell you the mind of God, His Spirit is already in you speaking clearly to you and leading you. He tells you how to pray, what to pray, and sometimes, when to pray. And it is the same Holy Spirit that will help you to make the Rapture when it happens.
2, Fading Connection
This is a situation where a Believer is not fully connected or in tune with the Holy Spirit, when the noises of the world, of the flesh and of Satan begin to compete with the voice of Holy Spirit because such believer is moving a bit far away from the Holy Spirit. When half obedience is replacing full obedience, when prayer life, Bible reading life, and evangelism life is not growing but rather going down. Such a believer cannot hear the voice of the Spirit clearly, not too far but not very close.
3, Faraway Disconnection
This is a point where many Christians have gone far from the Holy Spirit that they only hear the noise of the world, no voice of the Spirit of God and no melody of spiritual things again. Consistently grieving the Holy Spirit, refusing to repent immediately the Holy Spirit corrects you, inconsistent prayer life, skipping Bible reading and forgetting about evangelism lead to this stage of disconnection from the Holy Spirit. When the things of God look boring to you and the Holy Spirit seems far away from you, it means you are no longer in tune with the Holy Spirit, you have gone far from His reach and coverage.
Many Christians are in this level of faraway disconnection from the Holy Spirit, but they are still making noise of speaking in tongues, of old testimonies, of paying tithes and offerings and occupying positions in the church; many are being deceived by the noise of empty prayer life and church activities without connection with the Holy Spirit again. Un-repented sins and continuous disobedience to the Holy Spirit keep many away from the connection of Holy Spirit.
This is not the last or worst level of connection in Christian life, is worst is the number 4:
4, Familiar Spirit Reconnection
Just like the illustration the Lord gave me of a person who tunes his car’s stereo to LAGOS 97.5 FM in Lagos and driving to Ibadan, by the time he gets to Ibadan, though his car stereo still tunes to 97.5, but another radio station will take over in Ibadan. This is the worst and most dangerous level a Christian can be in the spirit. When a Christian gets to level 3 of faraway disconnection from the Holy Spirit, and such Christian refuses to retrace his way back to Bethel where he met Christ, to the territory of Holy Spirit connection, then the devil will take over completely; even though on his car stereo he still tunes to 97.5, but another radio station is operating in the wave.
Many Christians today are under the manipulation and control of familiar spirit of the forces of darkness but they still think it is the Holy Spirit whereas Holy Spirit has long time ago disconnected from them. As it is applicable to Christian members, so it is to Christian ministers, even though they still pray, preach and dress like before, though they still speak in tongues and perform miracles, yet they are under the control of another spirit.
A long time far away from the Holy Spirit gives way to familiar spirit to take over, and this is the most terrible situation where there is no more condemnation of evil, where the conscience is seared, where the flesh takes over, where truth is seen as false and lie is defended as truth; when a Christian easily flows with the world.
You remember king Saul in the Bible? He started with the fullness of the Spirit of God but ended with familiar spirit. When he got to the point of faraway disconnection, instead of him to retrace his way back to God and repent, he continued going farther away from God until he got reconnected with a familiar spirit and had a disastrous ending. Many Christians and ministers are following the steps of King Saul even till today.
When you think you are still in tune with a spirit giving you confidence in your sin and worldliness, it is a familiar spirit of the devil manipulating you, not the Holy Spirit, because Holy Spirit does not abide in sin.
When you are still hearing a voice speaking to you to ignore Bible warnings, and the spirit is defending you and pushing you to continue in ungodly ways and worldliness, it is the spirit from the pit of hell.
When a spirit is giving you confidence in sin and misinterpreting the word of God to sooth sin, that does not condemn sin, that tells you to cover sin, that tells you not to condemn sin in your ministry, that tells you those sinful things you rejected before are not that bad, such spirit is a familiar spirit from the pit of hell.
Are you having fading connection with Holy Spirit? You are far away from the Holy Spirit? Or you have been manipulated by familiar spirit? It is not too late, all you need to do is to repent, retrace your way back to Jesus and be renewed. Jesus is waiting for you where you left Him. He still loves you and it is not over yet. Do not delay further, go back to Him now!
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