In our personal living, we receive grace of God at different levels, and the purpose behind the grace of God in our lives is to use it to glorify Him by, 1, living our lives to please and, 2, leading people to God through the grace. When God gives you grace to perform well in your schooling, the purpose is to use it for His glory. I remember when I was in a particular school, I was performing well as the best student, and I was respected by my fellow students, so I used the opportunity to share the word of God with them; that I would stand in front of them and they would keep quiet and wanted to listen to whatever I wanted to say was a great opportunity to use the grace for God’s kingdom.
God can give you grace of good position in society, in organization or workplace, this grace has a purpose, and the purpose is to use the grace for God’s kingdom, not for yourself, not to be in vain but to use it to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. When God place you in any position, it’s a grace, you are to use the grace to reach out the word of God to sinners and to establish the kingdom of God in that capacity, don’t let the grace be in vain.
Grace can also come in times of getting a job or favour in your place of work, like Daniel, you must not misuse the grace, you must not let the grace given you by God go in vain, but you use it for God so He can give you more. First, use the opportunity of your job, promotion, position or favour you are getting to preach Christ to the unsaved there and live a life of Christ before you think of any personal benefits. When God gives you the grace as a teacher, do you use the opportunity to reach out God’s word to those students?
In our businesses and careers, God can give us grace, the purpose is to use it first for His kingdom’s glory by using the opportunity to share and spread God’s word with people there, it is not to eat the blessing and forget the gospel. The grace that God gives you to be connected with some people in the society, in your workplace or school should not be in vain, but you should use it to share and spread the word of God to them. Don’t be too much particular about what you will get than what the kingdom of God will gain.
God has given my wife and I a small company, when people order for products we try as much as possible to include a gospel tract with the products, and so that is how we are reaching out the word of God to people and homes who never would have had access to the word of God. I believe many have read the message and are saved. Great and small people in society, Christians and Muslims we supply also get the message. By so doing, the grace of making sales that God gives us will not be in vain, and God may want us to sell more so we will be able to share His word, and so God gets more glory and we get more blessing by His grace.
I went to a printing office sometimes ago and I talked with the manager who is a Christian if they can change their TV cable to a Christian cable so that everyone who comes in will watch Christian movies, and she said no, that some of their customers are not Christians and so they don’t want to sound religious. So the grace of God upon that business is in vain. And many Christians are ignorantly doing the same today; they think they are being wise; they don’t want to interrupt their job, position, contracts, sales, career or business with the gospel of Jesus. Some are afraid that if they share gospel with their unbelieving clients or connected personalities, they will lose them; not knowing that God connected them with such people in the first instant for the purpose of reaching out to them with the gospel, and when they fail to do that, the grace of God will be in vain over their lives.

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