I have noticed that anytime God is about to do something great in my life or promote me financially, I usually have temptations from Satan. I remember in 2013, a company in Lagos was mistakenly paying money into my saving account, at first I thought it was a support from brethren, the following month, I received the same amount and I saw notice with the credit alert, “Salary” then I realized the company was mistakenly paying salary into my account. I checked the name of the company, google it, called the manager and explained to him, then he apologized and said his accountant would call me. The accountant called me, asked about my account number, promised to stop paying into my account, and sent the company’s account number to forward the money I received by mistake, and I did.
The following month and 2 months after, they still paid the same amount into my account; I had to go to my bank, because it was same bank with the company, the bank called the company’s accountant and later called the branch of the bank where the company operated their account before they stopped paying into my account. Can you see how far Satan can go to tempt a Christian? At that time I was in need. But that same month I made effort for them to stop paying the money into my account, God opened doors of blessings for my family that we started paying salary to worker more than the amount I was mistakenly receiving in my account.
When God is about to do something great in a man’s life or about to take him to greater level, the devil will bring temptation of getting what does not belong to him, he will package a dangerous gift for him, a gift of compromising to gain possession, of cheating or stealing or even picking another man’s money or property’s on the ground, and if you are too smart, you become foolish and miss God’s great plan for your life.
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