As a household-commodity producer, I got to understand that the impression of a beautiful packaging does not last on a consumer if the product is of little or no quality.
I got to understand that the impression of a nice fragrance or smelling of a product does not last if the product has little or no value.
And I also got to understand that the impression of a captivating advert and marketing of a product does not stay long if the product fails to deliver.
The same thing is also applicable when it comes to marital relationship. The beautiful looking woman, handsome looking man, nice voice, straight legs, good set of teeth, tall height, long hair, glowing skin, good education, reputable and well paid job, etc. the impression of all these does not last in marriage before you will face the reality of marriage life.
As a married Christian minister, here is my advice for you as a Christian single:
To the single brothers, “Do not be fooled by outward packaging of a woman but focus on virtues and godliness.” Beauty, either natural or artificial, has nothing to do with healthy marriage, but godliness and virtues. Beauty without virtues and godliness is a waste bin.
To the single sisters, “Do not focus on what a man drives but on what drives him.” The Spirit of God that drives a man and the divine vision that drives him are more important than a big car or cash.
Many single men with big televisions have no vision for the future, and also a single man driving nice car without having Spirit of God that drives him will end up in an accidental marriage.
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