Psalm 106:39, “Thus they were defiled by their own works, And played the harlot by their own deeds.”

Every worldly music is inspired by Satan to subtly defile and destroy many Christians after their salvation. Any music apart from Christian music is defiling. There is a satanic demon in charge of worldly music; any music which does not glorify God and promote godliness and decency is of the devil. If you claim to be a Christian, regenerated and redeemed, washed by the Blood of Jesus Christ, how will you keep all those worldly music in your phone, computer or in your house?

The hidden truth is that every Christian who plays, sings, listen, like or dance to worldly music is trapped by the demon of worldly music. This is may sound strange, but it’s an untold truth, revealed by the Holy Spirit to correct us, and if we take to correction, we will not be condemned with the world. How will you surrender your life to Jesus, serve God with all your life and then allow worldly music to defile you? How will you deny yourself of many things because of your faith in Christ and later go to hell because of worldly music? That is the reason Jesus is saying most believers cannot make rapture if it happens now, few thousands out of million of DEVOTED CHRISTIANS are said to be ready and spotless to make rapture if it happens now. Many of those Christians who will miss rapture may not involve in serious sin or worldliness, but little and hidden defilement which we do not count are serious obstacle.

1, “Let me tell you that Michael Jackson is in hell. The Lord showed him to me after Michael died. He let me see Michael Jackson tormented in flames”He let me see Michael Jackson tormented in flames. I cried to Jesus, “Why?” It wasn’t easy to see how this man was being tormented and how he would scream. Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson’s songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that Satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in hell. Right now, renounce it in the name of Jesus! Jesus wants to set you free, so that you will not be lost.”

2, “Here is a message from another American singer-songwriter, SELENA “Please, I beg you, go tell people about this, please speak out and do not be silent; go and tell them not to come to this place; go and tell them not to listen to my songs, nor sing my songs.” She said, “Because every time people sing and listen to my songs, I am tormented even more, the person who does this, who sings and listens to my songs, is walking to this place. Please, go tell them not to come here; go tell them that hell is real!”

– Angelica Zambrano

Again, any music apart from Christian music is worldly music, though some music are secular, neutral and decent, but they are muddled up and so it is better for a child of God to stay with only Christian music. Making such worldly music as your ringing tone or caller tune has automatically enlisted you as member of the kingdom of darkness. You may find it hard to believe. Modern Churches and pastors may not see anything wrong with those musicians and their music, they may even invite them to play in their churches, but only the few will be wise at this end time, but the rest will wake up after the rapture, but too late.

Apart from singing, playing, deliberate listening, dancing to, using for caller tune or ringing tone, many are also entrapped by liking such musicians on Facebook. If you “like” worldly musicians on Facebook, your vote for worldly music has been registered in hell with your name listed as the supporter of evil.

Repentance is the only means of escape. Ask God to forgive you and cleanse you from all the defilement of worldly music; then destroy such CD, VCD, etc which you have, delete them from your phone, and dislike them in your Facebook profile. Delay can be dangerous, so do it now as you surrender all to Jesus.

Are you ready to rededicate your life to Jesus now or start a new life? Then repent! Confess all your sins, forsake them all and ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse you and save you. Please click on this link and read on how to be genuinely saved and start new life in Jesus and pray as directed

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