Those Christians who compromise God’s standard apply their common sense instead of God’s word. At the end of your life here on earth, God will not judge you by your common sense or by the reasons of your common pastors or Christians, but by the scriptures which never change. Your common sense cannot walk with God, but only by God’s word we can walk with God.

You knew it was a sin, you heard it was a sin and you said it was a sin, but along the way as Satan mounted up pressure within and without, then you began to reason and see nothing wrong in it. You don’t want to lose it and start again, you don’t want your spouse to reject you, you don’t want your parents to abuse you, you don’t want to lose your job, certificate, money and the golden opportunity, and so you want to apply common sense and the advice of common Christians and turn yourself to a compromised Christian. If you compromise, you have allowed Satan to prevail over your life.


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