“Everybody is doing it, and why not you? Why do you want to be different from all other Christian?” These are some of the questions that will fly in, but your stand should be, “Others may, but I will not” Situations prove our love and commitment to God. Satan may allow you to put several effort in a project, a lot of time in a relationship, and when you are almost through, there will be a sinful demand; at this point, you will either stand for God’s word to let everything go or you compromise and let God go out of your life.

Sinful requests or demands come in marital relationship, in business, at workplace, for job application, for contact application, visa application for travelling; to lie, to cheat, to bribe, to change age, to change figure or document, to commit premarital sex, fornication or adultery, to fall short of God’s standard. At that point, you will either stand for holiness or compromise your Christian faith.

Many Christians are compromising God’s standard when pressures come on them, “For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, immediately he stumbles.” Matthew 13:21. These compromising Christians are the majority in Christianity of today, because of pressure of people, persecution of people, profit from people, pleasure of life, and position. Among these common Christians are pastors, Evangelists, prophets and bishops; they don’t see anything wrong in some sinful and worldly activities so as to get along with the world.

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