1, As a Christian woman, you wear ungodly tight and revealing clothing in the name of gym, don’t you know Satan is exchanging your heavenly passport?

2, As a Christian man or woman, the devil is playing worldly music to you at gym and you are dancing it to it in the name of bodily exercise, are you not turning yourself to one of the foolish virgins in this end time? So what is the difference between those who dance to worldly songs at party and you at gym center? Only the wise will take extra care while the foolish see nothing wrong.

3, As a Christian Brother or sister, you become unnecessarily familiar with ungodly people in the name of extra-activities which God does not send you. No wonder gym exercise is one of the causes of broken marriage in USA. Unguided activities which involve carelessly revealing your body, exposing your body, wearing tight or getting too close to opposite sex which turns to ungodly familiarities at gym center.

Did you pray before you enrolled at gym center? This will sound too spiritual to many people, “Why do you have to pray before going to gym, is that not taking things too spiritual?” But you need to know that God will not back you up where He doesn’t lead you to.

Last year, I was concerned about my wife and I having time for exercise with my busy activities and all that and I prayed about it, then God spoke to me that I should get table tennis at the back of our apartment, that that would serve as means of exercise for me and my wife. I did just that, and you know what? The Table tennis is not only serving for body exercise alone, but a means of having fun, means of gaining sport skill and even entertaining visitors who care for playing Table tennis with me (only that some visitors have been beating me in the game lol). And you can imagine how my children will freely gain table tennis skill at home free of charge. In addition, the table also serves as means of spreading and drying stuffs in the sun lol.

So God cares about everything, including our body exercise if we care to take everything to Him in prayer. He must lead you the right godly way to do the right thing.

Do not fall to the trap of Satan in the name of gym activities, that the worldly cloths you refuse to wear and the ungodly music you refuse to listen to in your house, the devil will then force them on you at gym center, God forbids! Be wise, be watchful in all things and never enroll yourself in the list of foolish virgins in this end time!


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