And you as a person, what name should I call you? You know all the evils, immoralities, politics and games of powers and positions that are going on in your prosperity modern church among the pastors, workers and members that sometimes you wonder if the church even deserve to be called a church of God or if the pastors deserve to be called men of God. You know all those scandalous things you are hearing, seeing and covering about your pastors, you know you can hardly trust them. But you will still come on Facebook and defend what is not defendable, what you know is truth and condemn those who speak this truth to deliver the captives from the deception these modern preachers.

For how long will you continue to deceive yourself and to defend this faulty gospel of modern church and these misleading preachers, until you get to hell fire?

You say we should just be praying for them and cover up their evil deeds as they continue to deceive even the Elects? But let me ask you, has any corrupt situation ever changed even in the Bible without first challenging it? It means you could have condemned the prophets of old for challenging God’s anointed kings in the Old Testament.

You cannot change a thing without challenging it. We must pray for the church and the leaders, and at the same time God will raise some people, anoint, appoint and empower them to challenge the evil deeds and evil doers, even if these false or fallen preachers refuse to repent, it will reduce the numbers of people they are deceiving and leading to hell.

In this 5 years of Revelation of Truth Evangelical Ministries, RTEM, many souls have be delivered from deception of false preachers and won to Christ and many ministers and ministries have been helped with sound doctrines of the Bible.

We have the mandate of correction of believers who are missing it, confrontation of false and fallen ministers we are misleading people, and comfort of believers who are making it right.

This is a calling, an heavenly course and it must continue to the end till we see Christ and receive crowns of glory. Amen!


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