It’s possible to be poor because of righteousness till the person gets to heaven. Lazarus was a child of God and he served God wholeheartedly, but he was poor. What it means is that, it better to remain righteous, uncompromising in Jesus and be poor than to compromise and gain wealth through lying and ungodly means. Everybody may be doing that to get job or wealth, because everybody wants to be rich, but only few will stand for righteousness than unrighteous riches. Proverbs 19:22, “…..And a poor man is better than a liar.”

Does that means Lazarus didn’t know his right in the Lord as many preachers claim that it is the right of every child of God to be rich? Some preachers even go to the extent of preaching that if you are a poor Christian, you are under curse. But if you check most of their rich members, they are more like this rich man in the Bible. The modern Christianity gospel preaches that it is a must to be rich, but in the Christianity of the Bible being rich is good but not a must, there are only two things Jesus made as under a must for every heavenly minded Christian, and they are holiness and evangelism. Holiness is under a must if you want to see God at the end, because without holiness no man shall see God; and evangelism is a must, in fact Paul said woe is unto him if he failed to preach the Gospel to others.

Can we also say Lazarus was a lazy man as a result of his poverty? NO! Lazarus was not poor because he was lazy but he preferred to remain poor than to compromise holiness; he chose to be poor than to change figure, he accepted to be poor than to bribe for contracts or any good thing of this life. You can mock Lazarus for being poor, you can mock him for being a poor Christian, but it is a matter of time because this present life is a matter of time.


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