In Christianity today, we claim the blessing of Abraham as a reason for every child of God to be rich, that is great, but the blessings of Abraham is more than the passing riches of this world, Abraham’s blessings are much more than financial blessing and material stuff. Lazarus was a son of Abraham, in fact, when he died, he was right at the bosom of Abraham, yet he was poor on earth. That means Abraham blessings are not just physical, they are spiritual blessings – justification in Jesus Christ. God can choose to make any of His children financially rich and He may also choose not.

It’s not a must for the child of God to be rich financially and materially, but it’s a must to be rich towards God. Jesus never promised financial prosperity to His followers, since no place in the Gospel books or throughout the teachings and episodes of the Apostles, and in the book of Revelation that financial or material prosperity was promised to those who follow and serve Christ.

It’s not a sin for a child of God to be rich, but it’s not a must, as many preachers are claiming. Financial riches and wealth is so minor and additional that a genuine child of God and minister of God will not focus his attention on it. The priority of a serious minded Christian is to live according to God’s word and fulfill God’s will on earth.

The temporal “good things” are not as important as the eternal good things. If you allow the good things of this world to distract you from serving God, if you allow the good things of this world to take away your salvation and integrity in Christ, you are making yourself another “rich man” of this generation who had his “good things” and ended up in hell of eternal torment.

Do not give what you need forever for what you need for few days. Surrender all to Jesus and serve Him with whatever you have, no matter what!


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