There are three types of Christians and preachers today and only one of these three are doing it right, the two others are either ignorantly missing it or willingly making themselves messengers of Satan. Let’s look at these types of Christians from the Bible:
2 Chronicles 1:11, “ Then God said to Solomon: “Because this was in your heart, and you have not asked riches or wealth or honor or the life of your enemies, nor have you asked long life—but have asked wisdom and knowledge for yourself, that you may judge My people over whom I have made you king”

1, PROSPERITY CHRISTIANS & PREACHERS – … asked riches or wealth or honor. 2 Chronicles 1:11
This type of Christians and their ignorant preachers focus more in their prayers and preaching on earthly riches, wealth and temporal honor. These ignorant preachers spend more of their preaching and prayer time on how to be rich, prospered, succeed and make it in life; they take earthly prosperity first and make the kingdom of God last, if at all they have the time. These are the preacher who spend more time on preaching earthly riches, breakthrough, favour, success, abundant blessings, earthly glory of blessing, and they feed their Goat-Christian members with these junks , they also go ahead to make foolishness of their Christian lives.

I was listening to a message of one these prosperity preachers – “Bishop” Oyedepo, inside a hired car, and I was disturbed by how this man was misinterpreting and misquoting the scriptures, watering them down and misleading the simple. When he mentioned SANCTIFICATION, I was like, “wow, this man also preach sanctification” but by the time he would interpret it, everything centered on earthly breakthrough and blessings.

The prosperity Christians and their Satan’s anointed preachers center the majority of their times, prayers, fasting and preaching on earthly blessings and breakthrough, these are the goat-Christians and wolf preachers. The more they pray and preach on earthly blessings, the more their minds are far from heaven and the less they prepare for rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

2, PROBLEMATIC CHRISTIANS – …… the life of your enemies, nor have you asked long life. 2 Chronicles 1:11
This is another satanic manipulated type of Christians and preachers, they are the type who focus more on prayer of “Fall down and die” of their enemies, they focus more on deliverance from satanic oppression than sinful nature, they pray and preach like never before on problems of life than progress to heaven. This type of preachers believe they have deliverance ministry, and what is the deliverance all about? Is it deliverance from sin and great tribulation and great judgment of God? NO, their type of deliverance is all about from problems of life, enemies of progress, and so on.

So these preachers and their followers can fast and pray for 100 days, they can hold vigil continuously for a month, and what do they pray and fast about? They pray that the hereditary curse in their family to die than they pray that the adamic, sinful nature in their lives should die; they pray that the enemies in their father’s and mother’s house should die than they pray for the sinners in their family to die. Problematic ministry is another end-time distraction of Satan, which he packaged for many ignorant Christians and preachers as so called “deliverance ministry”.

The more these people focus their prayers and preaching on problems of life, the more they dis-focus from the real enemy of their souls and so they miss it; the more they pray against forces of enemies, the more they are afraid of them, and the less they overcome them, and so they never stop praying and fasting against forces of darkness oppressing their lives, because they are never free.

3, PRIORITY RIGHT CHRISTIANS – …. but have asked wisdom and knowledge for yourself, that you may judge My people over whom I have made you king” 1 Chronicles 1:11

These are the type of Christians who set their priority right, they seek the kingdom of God first, in their daily prayer, in their joint prayer, and in their preaching, they seek the kingdom of God, they seek to prepare for the kingdom, they pray for the salvation and edification of souls than they pray against their enemies, they pray and fast on their spiritual lives and for their spiritual journey to heaven than they pray for earthly blessings or against enemies. These are the type of Christians approved by God, they are the wise virgins in these end time.

You know what? Little consciousness of heaven, little preaching and prayer for heaven, or fire brigade altar call for salvation will not take you or your followers to heaven, if you really want to make heaven and help others to make heaven, your 100 percent focus, passion, prayer and preaching must be for heaven, and God of heaven will faithfully add the additional to your life and ministry.

Genuine prosperity prosperity does not come by praying or preaching more about prosperity, you can check those pastors and their members, who focus more on prosperity, they tell lies, cheat, bribe to get contracts, they change their age and personal information to get job, they bribe and commit sexual immorality to get job, promotion, and some even join occult group to get wealth in their businesses, careers or profession. And these people still claim God’s prosperity and share testimonies.

Genuine deliverance and victory over evil forces does not come by continuous or daily prayer against enemies or by prayer of “fall down and die” or by focusing on such prayer, you can check those who are in such ministry or system, they are never delivered, they are never free from enemies; they can pray and fast for 100 days, but they are never free, they never stop praying to be free, they never believed they are free, and they never re-direct their prayer and preaching on heavenly things.

Don’t be among the ignorant in this end time, don’t be among the foolish virgins; be wise and be warned.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

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