This is not an advice or a warning; it is a command for all children of God who are single waiting to marry.

“This is what the LORD commands concerning the daughters of Zelophehad, saying, ‘Let them marry whom they think best, but they may marry only within the family of their father’s tribe.’” Numbers 36:6

If you are a child of God through genuine salvation in Christ Jesus, then your Father is God and you are His child, you belong to the redeemed tribe of God through Jesus Christ. And when you want to marry either a brother or a sister, you must not marry outside the redeemed and regenerated tribe of God.

Everybody on earth has two different fathers, either God as Father or Satan, and we all belong to two different tribe – the regenerated tribe of God or sinful tribe of Satan.

As a child of God, if you marry a man or woman who is not genuinely born again and living a new life in Christ, it means you are marrying someone from another tribe of another type of father, Satan who is going to become your father in-law and it means anytime your father in-law visits you, you are trouble.

If you are in a relationship with someone who tells even little lies, it means you are preparing to get married from a tribe of lies, and the father of lies and all liars is Satan who will become your father in-law.

If you are in a marital relationship with someone who likes worldly fashion, it means you are getting married to the tribe of worldliness, and Satan is the father and will be your father in-law, and because of the spirit of worldliness, such marriage will be worldly and wasted.

If you are in a marital relationship with someone who is seducing you or demanding premarital sex, or who doesn’t see anything wrong in premarital sex, it means you are setting to marry from another tribe of Satan. When you please someone to give premarital sex in a marital relationship, the same person will displease you after marriage to give extra-marital sex to another person outside.

Any church or denomination which insists that their single brothers and sisters must marry in their church is teaching unbiblical phenomenon, except if such denomination can biblical prove that only their church members alone are children of God and all other Christians from other churches are sinners – that will be extreme heresy. Bible does not command Christians to marry in a particular denomination, but only in the Lord.

Do not marry from the tribe of Satan, do not marry a worldly Christian, a gentle sinful Christian, a nice, beautiful worldly lady, a sinner-Christian, a sinner-Christian worker, an immoral-pastor, these are two contradictory words and it leads to contradiction in marriage.

Prayerfully and patiently wait for God’s perfect will for your life. God bless you

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