MY PHONE AIRTIME: Lessons For The Singles

MY PHONE AIRTIME: Lessons For The Singles
For many years, when I was single and searching, I couldn’t afford buy airtime on my phone to call and communicate with some single sisters/ladies I wished to talk with and know better, so sometimes I would send text messages and request if I could call them on free call at night. The same thing was applicable to calling brethren, friends and family for long time discussion.

Since I had no job, and was only preparing for my ministry then, you know, sometimes then I would think if God would give me a wealthy lady for me to marry who will help support my evangelical ministry, I would think with this type of my free of charge evangelical ministry without salary or income from any source, I would need a good employed Christian lady or a well-established woman to marry. I couldn’t afford to get airtime to call those sisters. But God does not work the way we think, especially when we are in need.

But as it is now, the same phone number I am using till now, but with changed situation. Few months ago, the telecom operator of my phone line contacted me and notified me that I am now a premium customer of Gold membership, and that if I want to travel to certain countries with particular airline, they will pay 20%, and I can use their VIP lounge at the airports free, all because of the rate of which I call and buy airtime every week. The issue now is not because I don’t have airtime to make a long period phone calls but I don’t have the time. Not because I am rich, but because of the nature of my work, I spend every week to make international calls which give me multiple bonus of airtime to make local calls.

I didn’t marry a rich lady, but a Christian lady whom we started together from nothing, and God began to call something out of our nothing. As I remembered my past and present situations few weeks ago, I have some lessons to share with singles brothers and sisters who are waiting for the right marital partners:

Do not marry somebody because of riches, wealth, connections, etc. because you will realize later that God has already provided those things for you in the journey of your life. If you marry somebody because of riches and miss the right person for your life, later you will realize that even you are destined by God to be rich on your own. Women who only care to marry rich men have inferior complex, they think they are destined to be poor, so without marrying a rich man, they will remain poor. Men who think of marrying a wealthy lady have wrong mentality of poverty, as if they cannot succeed by their own. God has destined you to be great, as a child of God, the riches and greatness is in you, not in the person you want to marry, it’s just a matter of time, so you should simply relax to trust God for His will for your life.

Do not marry somebody because of good job, riches, higher education, tribe, parental connections or beauty. Do not marry because of your present need, you may marry wrongly and later discover God would have met your needs without marrying the person.

Do not marry by human calculation, there is a limit of what you know about tomorrow, but rather trust in God for His will for your life.

God’s will in marriage does not always mean a poor or unemployed person, and wrong choice in marital decision does not always means a rich and wealthy person, but what I mean is the will of God in marriage is the best, and you can only get it when you trust God without idol or human wisdom or calculation. The evidence of the will of God in marriage is the fear of God in purity, peace and total trust in God without fear of the present situation.

I pray for all the single brothers and sisters in the Lord, the Lord will settle and prefect everything concerning you, you will not marry wrongly, you will not miss God’s purpose and plan for your life, I pray for the grace to trust God, and patience for the best and to recognize the God’s choice for your life in Jesus name. Amen

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