Why do you pray that people should do restitution when you don’t believe in the biblical teaching of restitution?

A man left his wife with children for another lady because of little misunderstanding, and every effort to reconcile him with his wife was futile. Then the man continues to live with the strange lady. So when you see nothing can be done humanly to settle the matter, you said, “God will touch the heart of the man so he will return to his wife” That is it! You believe when God touches a man, he will correct his wrongs, which is restitution. But how come you say teaching of restitution is not true? Why can’t the man continue to live with a strange woman after God touches his heart?

You saved money for many years to purchase a plot of land, and thereafter a man, because of his collections in the society, manipulated everything and dubiously snatched the plot of land from you without paying you money. You want to take up the case to law court, but as you hire a lawyer, he hires 10 lawyers, as you present a paper, he presents 10 papers. Then he wins the case and gets the plot of land from you. Since nothing else you can do, you pray God will touch and save him. Why such prayer? Because you believe when God saves him, it will be mandatory for him to return your plot of land which you got through your hard earned money – that is restitution.

But what if after God save him, and he begins to preach gospel everywhere and even come to your house to preach to you, going on radio and TV, and yet, he refuses to return your land, claiming it is a past and God has forgiven his past, no more condemnation and no need for restitution. Will you believe the salvation or and ministry of such a person? Unbelievable!

Exactly it is! Anyone who is saved and rejects the call and teaching for necessary restitution is having a doubted salvation, unbelievable!

It’s logically and spiritually impossible to reject the biblical teaching and necessity of restitution. Any church or pastor anywhere who ignores to believe and constantly emphasize on the importance of restitution is anti-Biblical entity with no eternal life.

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