You forged information to get a job, and thereafter you got saved in Christ, and you asked God to forgive you, but then you see no reason to confess to the company about the false information, because you believe God has forgiven you and no need for any form of restitution. But every year in your workplace, you will need to fill forms and others stuffs, and you still use the false information of falsified age, qualifications or state of origin, now which one has God forgiven you? Is the false information you gave before you gave your life to Jesus or those ones you deliberately keep giving after you are saved?

You stole something in your school or place of work before you are saved, and then proved to everyone you were the owner, and later you got saved in Christ. Then you ignored call for restitution and claimed, “God has already forgiven me” But you keep the stolen item in your possession and keep using it, now, which one has God forgiven you?

As a married person, you involved in extra-marital affair, and after you were saved you see no reason to confess to your spouse, claiming “No more condemnation …” But then you will still need to tell lies to cover up the past sins you refuse to confess, now, which one has God forgiven you? The past sins of your time of ignorance or the present sins you are committing to cover the past?

So if anyone is deceiving you that restitution is unnecessary in Christian journey to heaven, will also deceive yourself?

Any Christian who does not believe or understand the necessity of restitution is a misinformed and misguided Christian, and any church or minister who stands against or ignore importance of restitution is either ignorant or working for Satan.

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