Another secret sin is a sin you commit and hide after you are saved, the sin you are secretly committing which you do not want people to see; but even men do not see, God sees. Anything you do secretly which you do not want people to see or hear, that you know it will not honor you if people know, that is secret sin. It may be a habit like masturbation, fornication, or other sexual immorality; it may be other sins which you are committing and keeping secretly. It may also be a lifestyle which you keep secret from people, like drinking, smoking, lying, anger, jealousy, malice, etc.

If you keep any secret sin of any form, such sin will be following you till the Day of Judgment, it will hinder you from making the rapture, and from entering heaven. But if you open up now before God and men, then that sin will go ahead of you to judgment, it will be condemned by God’s mercy and you will be justified.

“Some men’s sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later.” 1 Timothy 5:24

But as long you keep it secret because of the fear of what people will say or how they will respond, the sin continues to quietly follow you to put you to eternal shame on the judgment day.

So what is your decision? Do you want to open up and put your sins to open shame or you want to cover up and allow your sin to put you to open and eternal shame? No matter how small the sin may be, it will surely find you out on the judgment day. The choice is yours!


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