During the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, He was preaching, teaching and calling people unto repentance. But with all the preaching and teachings of Jesus, the people could not see clearly, they could not see the clear picture of Jesus Christ, they were mistaken Jesus Christ to another person. That was the reason Jesus Christ used the miracle of the blind man to illustrate to them.

Jesus continued in that same Mark 8 verse 27, “Now Jesus and His disciples went out to the towns of Caesarea Philippi; and on the road He asked His disciples, saying to them, “Who do men say that I am?” So they answered, “John the Baptist; but some say, Elijah; and others, one of the prophets.” This is the real point, people were making mistake of the fact about Jesus Christ, they couldn’t see clearly of who Jesus Christ was. The same thing is applicable today; you might have heard a lot of teachings and messages about Jesus Christ, but who is Jesus Christ in your life? Many people are making mistake on their conclusion and relationship toward Jesus today.

1, The Prophets
The first category of people making mistake of truth about Jesus Christ are the people who see Jesus as a prophet. They heard a lot about Jesus, they read about Jesus and they concluded that Jesus is a prophet, one of the prophets God, sent into this world. Some people made same wrong conclusion about Jesus during His earthly ministry. If what you see and say about Jesus is that He is a prophet, you have seen something, at least, but you need to see better because Jesus is more than a prophet.

2, The Provider
You may know Jesus as your Great Provider, that He will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory; you might have been repeatedly told in your church that Jesus is a Great Provider and Supplier of all needs; this is great, but if that is all you know about Jesus, then you have not seen the clear picture of Jesus. Jesus is more than just a Provider of needs; He is more than a Supplier of financial or physical needs.

3, The Protector
You may know Jesus as your Protector, He does protects you, and you do not go to Herbalists or ritualists for protection; you believe that Jesus will protect you from every evil, that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. But if this is all you can see about Jesus, then you have not seen the clear picture of Jesus. Jesus is more than just a protector.

4, The Healer
Jesus heals, you might have experienced that in your life before or heard testimonies of people healed by Jesus, but the real picture of Jesus is more than a healer, He is greater and mightier than a healer.

Here we want to read the real picture of Jesus from the Bible, and if you have not seen Jesus in this picture in your personal life, it means you have not known anything about Jesus; no matter how much you have known about Jesus, no matter how long you have been a Christian or a minister in the church. Peter saw the real picture of Jesus and he told Him, “You are the Christ.” Mark 8:29. Jesus is the Christ, that is His clear picture and personality, and that is the reason He is called Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only Christ of the universe, that is, He is the Messiah of this world. Jesus is the only Savior of the whole wide world. And why is Jesus Christ the only Savior of the world? It is because there is no any other name, given under heaven by which we can be saved except through the name of Jesus Christ.

The question is that, have you known Jesus as your personal Savior since you have been a Christian? Has He saved you from your sins all this while? Have you surrendered all to Him since you have been a worker or minister in the church?

Do you know that you may be a devoted Christian or Christian minister and never experienced genuine salvation? You may be a committed Christian or Christian minister and might have lost your salvation? If you have been falling into sin, then you need a second touch of salvation; if you have been rising and falling into sin, then you need a second touch of salvation. We need not to pretend as if everything is okay with our relationship with God, and then get a big surprise on the last Day. So it does not matter your position or your possession, what matters is: do not pretend. The blind man at Bethsaida did not pretend, though Jesus touched him and prayed for him, he did not pretend as if everything was okay, he did not keep quite so as not to sound embarrassing to Jesus and go home half blind. The man confessed that he could only see men walking like trees. Sincerity attracts second touch of Jesus Christ.

And we can do the same thing. You are a Christian, devoted and trying to serve God, but you see yourself falling into sin, you see yourself living some lifestyle a child of God should not live. You cannot deny the fact that you are a Christian, but you are not definitely sure what will be your portion if death or rapture takes place now. In such case, you need not to worry too much, all what you need is a second touch of Jesus Christ, so that you will be made perfect. Do not mind how long you have been a Christian or been speaking in tongues; what really matters is the second touch of salvation. We should not wait until there will be no seconds for another second chance, while you have the time now, go for second touch.

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