It baffles me when I see wonderful children of God who still bear surnames or first names related to idols and defeats, among these group of children of God are ministers with deep understanding of the Word of God, they claim bearing surnames with links to idols of heir fore fathers has nothing to do with their Christian life, making heaven or succeeding in life.

Well, I know bearing surnames which link and which gives glory to idols cannot hinder you from making heaven, and I am not so sure if bearing such idolatry names can hinder you from succeeding in this life, but one thing I know and I am sure is that, bearing surnames with links to idols makes you to bear false name even in your new life, even with all your understanding in the word of God, you still bear false name, and I know that is contrary to the Bible, bearing false witness is a senior brother to bearing false name, and that doesn’t matter to you?

For example, if you are bearing a surname like “Fadahun” meaning the god of Ifa has answered, and my Bible says gods do cannot answer prayer. Now as long you still bear such false-idolatry-acclaimed name, you are contradicting Bible and bearing false name.

Bearing name like “Ogundare” in Yoruba language meaning – god of iron has justified, such is false name, and as long you continue to bear such name, you either agree with false claim or agree to bear false name.

The Two Errors
In your local or general language, bearing surnames with link to idols of old generation of your fore fathers, bearing names with vulgar, evil, satanic words even as a genuine child of God makes you commit 2 errors: Firstly, you are bearing false or evil name in your name life in Christ, which is wrong, and secondly you are keeping and retaining the linage and memory of idols from old generation to your new generation. After you know the true God, the remembrance of idols in your family needs to perish in your generation by simply changing your name, for example from “Ogundare” to “Oluwadare” so the coming generation will have no understanding or remembrance of idol, and so the link, name and remembrance of idol of your family will perish in your own time.

There is nothing wrong with changing idolatry surnames to godly names especially if the person has had a change of life and heart through Jesus Christ. From Genesis to Revelation in the Bible, God authored and supported change of names; from Abraham in Old Testament, Genesis 17:5, even Paul in New Testament, Acts 13:9, change of name is biblical.

Names of a person, place, or things can be changed from false glory or claim of idols and links of idols to God’s glory. May the Lord give us understanding in Jesus name!

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