I got to ATM center to withdraw money; it was a long queue which I joined for about 1 hour. When it remained few people in front of me, a lady who came and queued behind came up and said she was there before me and she MUST use the ATM before me, I told, “I know when you came here” She said no, and nothing I could do. I felt like, “am I going to be fighting with her if she insists?” NO, God forbid. Then another lady behind her said after her she would be the next, “But I was here for almost one hour and both of you met me here”

But I had to allow them, you know why? Because I belong to a royal priesthood, a special people, a chosen generation! I better go home without using the ATM than to rubbish my royal priesthood. You can’t see a royal family fighting at the ATM queue; you can’t see a special person fighting on the street, at work or in school, no nooooooo.

I was traveling out of country with my wife and kids, and at the checking in the airport, the custom officers demanded bribe before they would pass our luggage due to some items we carried in the luggage. I told him, “I am sorry, I can’t give your demands, it’s forbidden by my faith” He was like “Why?” I explained to him, but he couldn’t understand. I told him, I better let go of the items or call somebody from home to come and take them back than for me to give bribe. Because I am a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, it’s an abomination for a member of a royal priesthood of God – for that matter – to give or take bride, come what may, by God’s grace.

Last year, I traveled to another African country for a business trip; I was delayed there for some days because my flight was postponed. I felt lonely being the first time I would travel far away from my wife and kids. But I could not mess around or go to ungodly place to relax. Because I belong to a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, a special people, a holy nation, a chosen generation. A member of God’s royal priesthood does not mess around, does not cheat on her/his spouse, does not go to have fun in the company of the ungodly, a chosen generation does not go to club, comedy place or secular cinema.

You know what the Bible says?
“But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9

This Bible verse is not just by claiming or quoting, but by living.


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