Temptation comes from Satan, and the purpose of temptation from Satan is to make a child of God fall into sin. When a child of God falls into sin, he or she loses spiritually, but that does not end there, there are physical blessings such as financial blessings of God, good health, God’s promises and so on that are lost when a child of God falls into temptation.

Temptation to sin come in different ways, it can be temptation to tell lie, to bribe, to cheat in exam, to change your age or personal information in order to get job or traveling documents; temptation can also come in form of immorality, lust, stealing, anger, fighting, malice, conspiracy, compromising, worldly activities and so on.

But the truth is that when a child of God falls into temptation, this will not only hinder his spiritual progress, but physical blessings also. Many Christians have missed the abundant promised blessings of God because of careless falling into temptation of Satan.

I have discovered by experienced that when God is about to bless me financially more than before, there would be different temptations on my way, and afterwards I would receive a financial or material blessings. Many Christians remain financially and materially unblessed because they fell into one sin or the other. When you cheat in exam, you are handing over your certificate to Satan, when you are committing fornication in your courtship, you are handing over your marriage unto Satan, when you bribe to get job, contract or whatever, and you are missing God’s own blessings.

1, When you fall into any sin, believing that God will forgive you after you ask for forgiveness, yes God will forgive you if you truly repent, and even if God restore you spiritually, but what about all those physical blessings you will lose, which Satan may permanently steal from you? Many Christians have missed abundant blessings of God for their lives, marriage, business, career and even ministry because of frivolous falling into sin. Have you not read about Esau? Let’s see what Bible says about him:
“Lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright. For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears.” Hebrews 12:16, 17.

Esau thought he could fall into sin and repent and still get all the good promises of God, but it didn’t work that way. The Bible says “When he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected” He missed all the blessings just because of “one morsel of food”, a single falling into temptation can render all the good promises of God for your future, marriage, career, ministry, business useless. And so many are thinking like Esau today, they think if they commit sin or compromise, they can quickly repent and ask for forgiveness, yes God is faithful to forgive if you confess, but what about the blessings you might have lost in the process?

2, Another thing you need to understand before you commit sin or compromise into sin for the sake of anything is that God cannot bless or multiply what you get through sin. When you get thing through sinful means, you are working against the blessings of God for your life. When God promise us fruitfulness and multiplying blessings, it cannot work for those who get their things in ungodly means.

If you get your certificate through malpractices and manipulations, how do you want God to bless you with a good job? If you get the job through bribery and manipulation, how do you want God to defend you when crises and enemies rise against you in that workplace? If you lay the foundation of your marriage on premarital sex and fornication, how do you want God to prosper and preserve the marriage?

If you bribe your way with the Customs officers to import or export your goods, how do you expect God to help you sell the goods? If you build a house by money you got through untruthful means, how do you expect God to be with you in that house? If you buy a car through money you got from bribed, manipulated, ungodly means, how can you expect God to keep you from auto accident with that car? If you manipulate your way to get or do things and you still expect God to prosper or protect you with that thing, then you are living in a deception of the highest order. What is not gotten by God cannot be prospered or protected by God. You can go far by manipulated wisdom, by compromising and committing sin and getting your way, but God’s protection and preservation will be far from you, and sudden calamity will shortly ensue.

God cannot be mocked, do not fall into temptation of Satan for one thing or the other, you will lose much more than what lures you into the temptation. Whatever it will take, take with God and stand for God in all situations and refuse to bow to temptation of Satan.

If you have fallen into any temptation, humble yourself and repent, confess and open up and do the necessary restitution. Trust God and pray to HIM.

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