Yesterday evening, I was watching a Football match in my hotel room, and in the match the two teams were to play penalties. As this other Goalkeeper was going for his penalty shootouts, he looked up to heaven in form of prayer for God’s help, and I felt for him, like, may the Lord help him. Good enough for him, when the first player played the penalty, it hit the pole and went out. But I was surprised with the attitude of the Goalkeeper, immediately he began to boastfully beat his chest and speaking with confidence. He was boasting as if he caught the penalty shut, it was God who helped so the shut went out. But this Goalkeeper didn’t look to heaven to thank God or give glory to God, he took all the glory, then I knew his team would be defeated in the penalty shootouts, and so was it, at the end the goalkeeper guy caused to grand failure for his team, he lost his own shootout and couldn’t catch a single shootout.

As this particular CAF game ended last night, I received lessons from it which is applicable to many Christians. When we are in need of one help or the other, we pray to God for help, we looked to heaven for divine help, but when the help comes, we arrogantly take the share the glory with God or even take the whole glory. Many Christians are consciously and carelessly committing this act of evil of sharing the glory of God, and it is not only sinful but also destructive.

There are two things God does not share with any man, which solely belong to God: Glory and vengeance, any human being, who shares glory with God or takes vengeance for himself is committing sin of usurpation, taking the place of God, the very particular sin Satan attempted in heaven.

Understanding The Sharing Formula of God’s Miracle
For every blessing, miracle, wonder or divine help from God, there is a standing formula, meaning that in the package of blessing and miracle from God into our lives, there is a biblical formula we must follow. Here is how it goes: Every miracle or divine help from God into our lives contains two things which are BLESSINGS AND GLORY, now we are to take the blessing for ourselves and return the glory back to God. God does not need the blessing – the divine healing, the miraculous protection, provision, promotion, prosperity, progress, procreation, peace, etc. all these are blessings in God’s miracle which are for our benefits. Then after we take the blessings in the package we are to return the glory inside to package to God, the glory does not belong to us.

When God performs miracle in your life, you can share testimonies, you can share the goodness with others, but DO NOT share the glory with God.

When God does something in your life, when God uses you to do something great in life or for somebody or in the work of ministry, either He does it directly in your life or indirectly through you, the blessings are for you and human beings like you, but the praises and glory should be channeled to God.

I talked with a man who explained to me how they exploit petroleum from below; he then said they would extract the petrol from petroleum and channel the gas to LNG because they don’t need the gas. You know the same way we are to do, we must take the blessings and benefits in every God’s package and channel the glory back to God, don’t share it.

Sharing Glory with God
People share glory with God in their lives in different ways and manners, directly and indirectly. When you don’t first mention God as the major secret of the success, when you expect praises from people, when you expect something in return from people God used you for, when you refer to your abilities or efforts as the main source of your success, or when you think without a particular person, you wouldn’t have made it, then you are sharing glory with God.

Some people share or hijacked God’s glory and give ascribe it to themselves or to another human being, whichever it may be, it is evil, and God does not take a shared glory, meaning any glory that is not 100% God will not take. God does not struggle the blessings with you, all He wants is the glory, but He will not take a shared glory

When We Give All Glory To God
The secret is that when God does something in our lives or uses us to do something in people’s lives, and we faithfully return the glory to God, He will want to do more for us and use us more so He can get more glory and praises through us. And how do we give glory to God?

1, We live for Him daily
2, We refer to Him as the source of the blessing
3, We tell people not to praise us but praise God
4, We praise God for every blessing and benefit
5, We share testimonies of God’s goodness
6, We share with others of the goodness of God.

Psalm 42:8, “I am the LORD, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images.”

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