As I was driving last week, I saw several cars with sticker at the back of their vehicles written “My Case Is Different 2017”. That is a new slogan by a popular church in Nigeria. Actually it is a good statement for children of God. But to face the reality, are their cases really different? Or rather, is your case different?

If you believe your case is different for miracle, success and breakthrough, healing, favour, that where others are meeting failure, you will get success, that where others are rejected, you will be accepted, or while people are failing, you will succeed, because your case is different 2017 as your bishop prophesied and declared; but is your case different for righteousness and holiness, so that where others are compromising godly stands, you will refuse, while others are lying and falsifying information to get jobs, contracts, visas, you will say no, while others are giving or receiving bribes to get their ways, you will say “No, my case is different”, where others are committing premarital sex, you will say “No, others may, but my case is different”, while others are cheating in the exams, you will say no, you can’t; while it becomes a common thing for others to cheat on their spouses in your workplace or communities and they say It’s normal, but you will say “NO, others may do that but my case is different!”

If your case is only different for miracles and breakthrough but not different for righteousness and holiness, or if “My case is different” your church emphasized is all about miracles, breakthrough and earthly success, then this scheme of “My Case Is Different 2017” is from the pit of hell transferred to the pit of toilet of your bishop.

“Useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself.” 1 Timothy 6:5


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