I looked closely at the picture of a burger, and I saw a poisonous snake packed inside of it. The snake looked calm inside the burger and the burger looked yummy and bulky from little distance but it is a poisonous burger. That is exactly the type of many messages, sermons and Christian books you see all around today, they sound sweet and motivating but they are poisonous to your spiritual well-being.

Know that we are at the very end of the age, as Jesus Christ had foreseen and fore said that majority of the prophets at the end time would be false; and so if you believe that we are in the end time, the hidden truth is that majority of the prophets, pastors or bishops you know are false, they may even be your own pastors, mentors or role model. When the Bible talks about end time false prophets, does it means they will come in a strange, dirty way? No, the end time false prophets would come in a friendly and lovely way.

As many Jews were waiting for the coming of Elijah before the earthly ministration of Jesus Christ, they didn’t believe John the Baptist was the Elijah to come as the forerunner, they are still waiting till today. So also as Jesus predicted many signs which would happen before His second coming, false prophets are one of the major signs of His imminent coming. These false prophets are already everywhere now, and if you care for the truth, they are the prosperity and motivating preachers of modern Christianity everywhere today. These false preachers are feeding people with spiritually poisonous messages by capitalizing on your indulgence; they know what you want and so they major on those things that will attract you just as candy attracts kids but not well for their health. Apostle Peter said, “By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words” 2 Peter 2:3.

Here are some signs and symptoms of poisonous messages and preachers inspired by devil for your spiritual wreck:

Earthly Major
The poisonous messages and preachers majorly focus on your earthly well-being than your spiritual well-being. They focus on your financial, material progress than your spiritual progress; it’s majorly about prosperity than purity. Such messages may be sweet, calming and lovely to you by your lovely preachers, G.Os or Bishops, but the bad news is that they are poison to your soul. Though such messages may psych you, make you scream, shout or shed tear, but they are lovely packed poison. Proverbs 20:17, “Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel.”

Rights without Responsibilities
Poisonous messages center on promises of the Bible without responsibilities and commands of the Bible. Because they want to lure and psych you, they tell you half-truth of sweet, lazy aspect that will cost you no self-discipline, just claim and cash! They tell you grace without truth, faith without work, justification without godliness, heaven without holiness, power without purity, and God’s promises without godly relationship. They say, “You should know your rights in Christ, you have authority, all promises for you…” But they rarely challenge you to your responsibility to live blameless life of holiness, to deny sin and self as a child of God. Such rhetoric of “your rights” without repeating “your responsibilities” are poisonous to your soul.

Praise Without Purity
If you hear any preacher saying what you need majorly to please God and get blessing of God is to just keep praising God, without first telling you about purity, such preacher is a poison vendor, such message is erroneous. Praise without purity is ugly and unacceptable to God, no matter how sweet your voice is, and no matter how seasoning the musical instruments are; because the beauty of praise is holiness, and your praise without your life of holiness is ugly, empty and poisonous. 1 Chronicles 16:29, “Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!”

Grace Without Godliness
Beware of messages that talk about grace without godliness, they are end time Snake Venom! The grace of Jesus Christ produces godly life. We are not saved by our own works of righteousness; we are saved by grace for godly works not for ungodly works. After salvation, the grace of God produces righteous living in us. Grace and ungodliness never meet together – you can’t continue in sin and still have God’s grace in you, and you can’t continue in grace of God and still continue in ungodly living. Romans 6:1-2

TITUS 2: 11 For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, 12 teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age.

There are some poisons that are sweet, for example, Ethylene glycol is a poison with a sweet taste, Lead(II) acetate (Pb(CH3COO)2) has a sweet taste. But the sweetest poisons are the deception of sin and the motivating and prosperity pastors’ messages. Sin tastes sweet but it has the capacity to poison your heart, soul and body, and causes eternal destruction. Sin is sweet but dangerous to your life! Modern prosperity gospel is yummy but destructive.

If you are born again, but no evidence of holiness of life, if you still rise and fall into sin or some ungodly lifestyles still persist in your life, you need to rededicate your life to Jesus, and deliver yourself from poisonous messages, preachers and churches before you are doomed forever. Escape for your life!

Are you ready to rededicate your life to Jesus now and start a new life? Then repent! Confess all your sins, forsake them all and ask Jesus to forgive, cleanse you and save you. Please click on this link and read on how to be genuinely saved and start new life in Jesus and pray as directed http://www.facebook.com/notes/revelation-of-truth-evangelical-ministries-rtem/how-can-i-be-saved/270674586372252

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