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Here is the truth you need to understand, if you want to succeed in your business or career to a global level, you need inspiration of God for decision-making and for innovation. Many people seek inspiration from Satan in their businesses and career. If you get your inspiration from Satan, it will not last and it will end with sorrow and eternal loss, but if you get inspiration from God, it will last and end with peace. Many things we are seeing today are not ordinary; many go to marine spirit to get innovation, to excel beyond others, only that it will end with sorrow.

There is a limit of inspiration for direction and innovation at our terrestrial level, but when we are connected to the supernatural inspiration of God like Daniel, we will excel beyond the ordinary, we will get perfect and divine direction from God, we will get the innovation which no eyes have seen, no ears have heard and which had never come to mind – that is divine direction that guarantee success, divine ideas and innovation for solution and benefits of humanity that will glorify God and become a financial blessing to you.

When it comes to succeeding in business or career, you need daily inspiration from God for two things: for direction and innovation. There are many ways that seems right in business, and you can’t afford to use your money and precious time to do trial and error. That is the reason many businesses and careers fail – wrong direction. To succeed in business, you need direction for the right product or service, the right place, the right people and the right price. You need the right decision-making daily. When you surrender everything to God without trusting in your wisdom, and then you seek God daily for direction in prayer and Word of God, you will not fail. I get direction from God for my business most time when I am doing praise and worship or reading Bible.

Early this year, I planned to go on a business trip to one of the countries in southern Africa, but as I committed everything to God’s hand for direction, He re-directed my way to a country in the West Africa. Can you imagine? Planning to go to the south but God directed me to the west. As we are rounding up the year now, we are reaping profit from both the west and south, but if I had traveled to the south, it would have been a big lost from both sides. Supernatural directions of God in business or career guarantee success and profit with safety.

Inspiration of God for innovation, it means to see ahead, to see beyond the physical like Daniel, it means God revealing hidden things, hidden solutions, secrets which will help you to excel in your business and career. Let me give you example of this from the Bible: David did not build the Temple of God in Jerusalem, but he made the planning for the building, what had never happened or existed before. Such a huge Temple was well designed, planned and demarcated without going to town planning school, architectural or building engineering school. And how could David have done that? It was by the inspiration of God for innovation. The Bible says, ““All this,” said David, “the LORD made me understand in writing, by His hand upon me, all the works of these plans.” 1 Chronicles 28:19. This is what we all need in our businesses and careers, bringing what never exist into existence through the divine inspiration of God for innovation. Amen!

Before we can get inspiration of God in our daily living, ministries of preaching, teaching, singing, drama, etc. or in business and career, we must first get connected to God in genuine salvation through repentance and forsaking our sins, a brand new life in Jesus you will never want miss or mess up with. When we seek first the kingdom of heaven, God will add all other things to it. If you will like to connect or re-connect to the Lord Jesus Christ through genuine salvation, please click on this link, read and pray as directed and you are on your path to a new and glorious life

This teaching on “SUCCEEDING IN BUSINESS AND CAREER WITHOUT SIN OR STRESS” continues in part 3 tomorrow, I am sorry I didn’t come yesterday. We continue in Number 5 tomorrow by God’s willing, by His grace.

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