When my wife and I got married in April 2013, I was already in the full time evangelical ministry, and I told her she would not look for job, but that God would give us a business which would provide for our marriage and ministry. Three months later we started business with about N60,000, and the business was improving gradually couple with the work of the ministry.

Since then God has been blessing this small business to take care of the needs of our marriage and our ministry without. This type of our ministry is evangelical outreach which involves daily spending, and we have decided to run it free of charge without asking people for financial donation, offering, without selling any material that comes from the ministry – books, CDs, VCDs, etc. With the help of God through this small business, these visions are coming to reality.

This year 2016 has been wonderful for us with the help of God. In my country Nigeria, economy had been tough since after election last year – 2015, and our business was seriously affected, as we were ending the year 2015, we could only sustain a worker and 2 part-time workers, and we were expecting the worse in 2016. Our plan was to either get loan or sell 20% of the business to raise money to move forward, but God didn’t lead us to either, so we continued little by little. Our country’s economy entered recession this year and many big companies were struggling and some even folded up. But as we are ending this year 2016, God has helped and sustained our business beyond our expectations. We now have 12 full time workers and 8 part-time workers. The business is still in small scale but with God’s mandate of a global company. So what are the secrets that have helped to reach where we are and that will help us to reach a global level? That is the message the Lord is leading me to share with you on how to succeed in business and career:

1, TRUST GOD 100%
Trusting God in your business or career does not mean believing Him for blessing or breakthrough alone, but trusting Him to start with little and to do it in His way even when it looks professionally stupid. If you want to succeed in business or in your professional career without sin or sorrow of Satan, you will need to trust God with all your heart, it means you will not rely on your wisdom or on human connection, and at the same time, you will not be afraid of little beginning, of giants in the same field or of those experienced and powerful competitors; you will not be afraid of storming weather, because in business or career, there will be some storming periods, but you must trust God not to run back and pack up to go and look for job. Trusting God will give you the courage to move ahead in a godly way into success.

In business or in career, there will be sometimes that seems without compromising, without telling lies, without giving bribe or falsifying information one cannot succeed, but such notion is a lie. With my little experience in business I have discovered that the more you refuse to compromise, the more you will experience God’s blessings beyond human power. Truly, sometimes it will look as the end of the road if one refuses to compromise, it will seems the business will fail unless one compromise into sin, but if you trust God without compromise like the 3 Hebrews in Babylon, God will always make a better way. I’m laughing as I’m typing this; you know why I used the example of the 3 Hebrews in Babylon? Because that is exactly how it looks at some point in business or in career, it will look if you don’t tell little lie or compromise into sin, everything will get burned and fail, but if you determine not to compromise but rather let go of the business project, God will give you a better success.

Refusing to compromise into sin in business or career, no matter how little or costly will prove to God that you deserve the blessings of Abraham in your business and career, and you will be surprised how God will bless you beyond those who compromised their faith. Do not be too smart in business or career that you will involve in any sinful activity, no matter how small, it will block the heaven of God’s blessing on your life.

You know why God will never bless some people in their businesses or careers? It’s because they don’t have the right motive for the blessing. Why do you want to prosper in your business or career? What do you want to use the blessing for? Sometimes I listen to a song when I call people in their caller tune, the song in Yoruba language says, “God, I want to ride range rover, Dangote does not have two heads……” You see the motive of the singer for asking for God’s blessing is to buy and ride expensive cars, and God will not bless such people, but only Satan.

If you have a wrong motive for blessing, to use it for pride, to buy the latest car, to live extravagant lifestyle, then God will not want to waste His blessing on you. In this end time, God is looking for those He will bless, who have the mind to direct the blessings into His kingdom, to help the work of God, to help spread the gospel of holiness, to distribute free Christian materials, to support people in need, to freely share; not those who will divert the blessing of God for their own selfish or carnal motive.

….This message continues tomorrow in part 2 from Secret Number 4, Get Daily Direction From God. 5, Put God First & Share. 6, Meditate Daily in God’s Word. 7, Ask For God’s help and intervention.

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