Christmas day is a day of the year where Christ is mentioned more than other days

Christmas is a day the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ is shared and said more than other days of the year

Christmas is the most expected and respected day of the year

Christmas is a day people share gifts more than any other day.

Christmas is the most celebrated day of the year

The main purposes of Christmas are: Sacrifice, Salvation, Sonship, Sanctification, Sharing, and Serving God!

God will not judge you for celebrating Christmas except if Jesus Christ is not celebrated daily in your life.

God will not judge you of the evil other people commit on Christmas day, he will not judge you by what others do on Christmas day but by what you do, use this day well!

God will not condone you with hypocrisy, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, He didn’t condone the Puritans in UK,(Where are they today?) He doesn’t condone the Jehovah Witness sect.

Condemning Christmas is hypocrisy of human holiness which doesn’t last.

Celebrating Christmas is not a must, it is personal, but it is a must for you to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

From Revelation of Truth Evangelical Ministries, RTEM, we say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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