Christmas is a wonderful time to share the blessing and Joy of God with friends, family and people generally.

Before I continue on this wonderful topic, I want to say that several people commented on a message we shared that it is good for Christians to celebrate Christmas, some said Jesus Christ was not really born on December 25th, some said Christmas has idolatry origin and some said the day usually promote sin. Firstly, I would like to say that at RTEM – Revelation of Truth Evangelical Ministries, we are not here to please or impress anybody, we are not looking for fan or followers, we are not looking for fortune or contribution from people, we are not looking for fame. We are here to preach the Word of God as written in the Bible as simple, serious, spiritual and rightly sociable.

If you or your church says Christmas is ungodly, that does not make you spiritually sound, even Jehovah Witness sect who do not believe there is Hell fire – as much they lack spiritual understanding of the Word of God, yet then don’t celebrate Christmas. At the same time, some churches and Christians who involve in ungodly ceremony such burial ceremony will still say celebrating Christmas is sinful?

Burial program especially in this part of Africa, where people begin to print I.V for burial, buying new clothing, providing food and drinks like festival, organizing reception and party, renting chairs and tents, sharing gift and receiving donations, turning burial to celebration instead of mourning as if they are happy and rejoicing over the dead? This is not only unbiblical, but also barbaric. Food cooked at the so called Burial ceremony are sacrifices to dead. Psalm 106:28

Questions About Christmas
1, Was Christmas written in the Bible? The answer is NO, but that does not make it unbiblical. Asking where Christmas is written in the Bible is like asking where there is church wedding in the Bible, you won’t find it. There was wedding in the Bible,but no church wedding and no command for church wedding.

2, Was Christ really born on December 25th? The answer is NO and not necessary. Choosing a day out of 365 days to celebrate the birth of Christ is good, any day could be chosen because He owns all days. So if you are searching for the exact day Jesus was born, it is unnecessary, in fact we can have Christmas twice a year.

Questioning December 25th for marking the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ is like arguing about the Dec 1st of every year as World Aids day, saying Dec. 1st of World aids day is not authentic because aids did not start on Dec. 1st.

3, Why people commit more sins on Christmas day? On Christmas day, what matters is what you do, and not what people do, you are not responsible for others’ action, but yours. God has used different programs organized for Christmas to save and bless many lives in the world, God has used different great ministers of past and present to organize Christmas programs and songs and blessed lives, but you only see people who commit sins on Christmas? Because people commit more sins on Sunday than Monday, we are not going to worship God on Sunday?

What matters on Christmas is Christ that we celebrate in mass, and He must daily be celebrated in our lives. On Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Year celebration, here are the tips:

1, Share Gifts and Gospel With People. Christmas is all about sharing, “For God so loved the world that He gave His begotten Son”. Whatever you are sharing, please share the gospel with it. If you are giving gift, include a printed message of the gospel or a Christian movie that will bless and transform lives.

2, Have a Good Time With Family and Friends. In celebrating Christmas, this is an opportunity to share the message of salvation with family and friends, include it in your messages and wishes of Christmas. This is also an opportunity to reconnect, remember, or call family members and friends.

3, You Can Invite & Visit. Your family can invite brethren, family members or friends for dinner and watch Christian movies together. You can also use the period to visit, share the word of God around.

4, Reflect On Your Personal Christian Life. Yes, Christ is born, but are you born again. Is the purpose of Christ coming to the world fulfilled in your life?

The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16.

The primary purpose of Jesus Christ coming into this world is not to give your prosperity, healing or good life here on earth, but it is to give you everlasting life – saving you from sin and eternal damnation. Until you realize this, every other thing are unrealistic.

Have genuinely given your life to Jesus Christ since you have been celebrating Christmas?

If you have not experienced genuine salvation that gives victory of adamic nature, addicted sins, and common sins, or if your Christian life has gone low or backward, you can use today to rededicate your life to Jesus and experience the purpose and power of His birth. Please click on this link, read the short message and pray as directed

God bless you and Merry CHRISTmas!

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