Spiritual Negligence – Not knowing what you ought to know that may cause you to fall into sin, and not careful enough. In legal system, no excuse for negligence. Being ignorant in case of offence is different from being innocent and we should not see them as the same. To be innocent is to lack awareness or existence of something, but to be ignorant is to lack knowledge; it is a failure to know what you ought to know and fail to follow it. In traffic laws, if you don’t have fire extinguisher in your car, you may be charged, don’t waste your time by saying, “But I am confident I cannot have fire accident”. If you drive too close to another vehicle in front of you and fail to give the regulated space, and you hit the front vehicle because it stopped suddenly, you may be charged responsible for the accident. You cannot excuse yourself that the vehicle in front of you stopped suddenly, because if you give considerable gap, you would not hit the vehicle. Likewise, spiritual negligence is being careless. Many Christians eventually perished at the end, not because they were not initially saved but because of ignorance, spiritual negligence.

FRIVOLITY: It’s carelessly or ignorantly getting involved in things that weaken spiritual strength, and puncture spiritual life and then make one unable to withstand temptation. This is a common carelessness Satan uses to bring down many Christians into their old sinful habits, because such habits do not immediately lead to sin, they don’t blow or bomb Christian lives at the spot, they only puncture and it is just a matter of time. If a Christian is watchful of satanic bombs, since everybody may run away from bomb, but then Satan can bring in small nails, small arrows that may seem not so harmful but many become victims.

Such frivolous habits are casual but they cause serious casualties, damage and destruction, they are simple but they sink several strong faith. They are like inconsistent Bible reading or daily devotion, over-talking, getting involve in little, little worldly stuffs, watching worldly movies, watching wrestling, getting too much involved as a sport fan, special love and care for latest phones, cars, electronics and other things of this world, listening to worldly music, browsing not-so-real-pornographic sites, checking nude pictures, using worldly materials like makeup, worldly dress; watching “decent worldly” TV shows like American Idol, African Idol, Nigerian Idol, dance competition, reality shows that promote immorality and so on. These things indirectly drain spiritual strength, hinder free flow of God’s grace and Spirit, hamper spiritual growth, and eventually make a Christian spiritually weak and unable to resist temptation.

They are subtle but satanic strategies of destroying Christian faith and bringing people back into their old sinful habits. Those who involve in such things often wonder why they always experience up and down, forward and backward in their Christian lives; it is as a result of spiritual negligence of frivolity – not knowing what you ought to know, not taking heed when the Spirit of God quietly cautions you and when the Word of God quickly corrects you, you ignore Him that such things do not matter since every Christian is doing it and doing fine. So such ignorance is inexcusable.

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