1 Corinthians 10:12, “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.”

A child of God falling back into one sinful habit or the other is as a result of two major things: Carelessness and Prayerlessness. If a child of God falls back into a particular old sin, it may not be because he did not experience genuine salvation, it’s may not be because he was not delivered from that sinful habit at the beginning of his new life, and not because he falls back automatically as if Christian life is all about rising and falling into sin and believing God’s mercy to cover our continuous sins; it is due to carelessness and prayerlessness. Let’s check them one by one.

“Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall.” 1 Corinthians 10:12
When you are saved by Jesus Christ, and become a new person in Him, He sets you free from sinful habits and makes the grace and strength for the new life available, but you need to always take heed – that is to be watchful – so that you don’t fall back into your old sinful habits after all, because Satan does not sleep nor give up on you, he is looking every time for every means to make you fall back into his traps.

Carelessness comes into Christian life through different means:
(1) Spiritual Recklessness – knowing that something may lead to sin but you are too confident in yourself that it will not lead you to sin.
OVERCONFIDENCE: Many Christians, after their salvation and freedom from Sin and Satan, later fall back over and over because of overconfidence. Overconfidence is when you “think” that you stand and you cannot fall and so you become too close to source of temptation, the appearance of sin. When you think you stand, it is good but you are the one who think so in the first instance, God does not tell you so; to God, you are still rising and standing but not yet stand. Don’t over-think of yourself lest you become overconfident. Thinking that you stand is not a problem but taking heed is the priority, so we need to take heed than thinking that we have made all the standing.

Overconfidence is being confident in your spiritual stand that you get too close to the appearance, the source or the form of sin and being confident you will not or never fall. The truth is that anybody call fall, irrespective of how long or how strong they have been standing; it is the grace and the strength of God that keeps everyone but the grace of God does not go beyond the limit ground which God lays for us. When we go beyond the limit, we become vulnerable to falling into satanic traps. That is the reason the Lord warns us to abstain from every appearance of evil (sin). 1 Thessalonians 5:22.

In Christian watchfulness, appearance of sin is a sin itself. Just like in traffic system, if you don’t use seat belt while driving, you will be charged. You may not need to say, “But no accident yet.” A careful Christian does not move close to the appearance or form of sin. Appearance or form of evil is a situation or thing that may lead to sin. We all know where came from, the lifestyles we were living before Jesus saved us, we know our spiritual weaknesses; we all know what can trigger us into sin or make us vulnerable to sin. There are personal and general appearances of sin; anything that may lead to sin or that easily lead us to old habit is appearance of evil, and that is what we need to stay away from. NJKV says, “Form of evil” It may be people, places, materials, thoughts, talks, etc. We must stay far away before they are formed. The form of evil is the forming of sin, the level by which falling may be unavoidable and irresistible, It’s the shadow of sin, when you see a shadow you are sure that the object may be unavoidable.

A careless Christian will be overconfident to reach the appearance of sin, thinking he will not fall, thinking he is too strong and mature to fall, thinking he is a formidable Christian to sin; thinking it’s only baby and weak Christians who fall in such situation, thinking he has gone beyond the level that he will be scared to fall by such temptation, and not knowing that he is the one who thinks he stands.

A careful and watchful Christian knows what can lead her to sin, and she will not wait until she sees the sin before she will take heed. In Christian race, maturity is actually taking heed, knowing when to remain or run, that is self-control and tenderness. On the other way, overconfidence is not maturity but satanic deception to confidently seat on a chair put on a covered pit.

This message continues in Part 2….

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