– Elizabeth, Italy.

My revelation goes like this:- The Angel of the living God came to me and said, let us visit a place and suddenly we appeared in an office where we saw four men in the office and they were talking but I was not hearing what they were saying and they also did not see I and the Angel so, the Angel introduced the men like this (the G.O from the head quarter, the pastor of a branch and the other two pastors accusing the branch pastor) then, the Angel said these are the things that are happening in the churches, that when the Lord of the church comes in or when He send His Angels to the church, the people don’t see or recognize His presence because they are busy fighting for positions, too occupied with the things of the world and the Lord or His Angel will take their leave.

Then the Angel said lets go and we went down the stairs,immediately, we appeared in a street here in Europe and immediately, we appeared in a busy road in Lagos Nigeria called (IKORODU ROAD) and we both stood in the middle (opposite Obanikoro bus stop) watching vehicles coming from Surulere and heading towards Maryland and there were these five 911 buses which came one after the other and in front of each bus, was written in capital letter DESTINATION (HELL FIRE very bold), by the side of the bus was this Bible verse Matt. 7:13 “Broad way leads to destruction”

When the first bus came, it was already filled with passengers from where it was coming from (each bus has two conductors) but the two conductors were still calling passengers and people were fighting to enter into the bus (they spoke with different languages) , the people entered through the two entrance doors of the bus, through the windows and some climbed the bonnet and entered through the wind screen; now let me describe the demons:- the one driving the bus has many hands with one he cleanse the side mirror, with one he adjust the side mirror, with one he cleanse the wind screen and with two, he was holding the steering he was ready to move and with one he was holding the gear, his eye balls were reddish.

One of the demon conductor has camel skin and was having dread on his head; the second demon was very black has the structure of a frog and they were both calling passengers like this:- hell fire! hell fire!! hell fire!!! the Rapture is about to take place, the Son of the Most High God is about to come, there is no time on our side hell hell! hell!! hell fire!!!! ( these was what the demons were shouting of at each 911 bus that came and as people were entering, these demons were mocking them and laughing this kind of mockery laugh)

But when the third bus came, it was filled with women, some were carrying loads on their heads, some on their backs, some were carrying bags, even some of them lapped themselves and only four men entered into the bus, among these four men was the two pastors we saw in the office of a church that was reporting the branch pastor so when these pastors met us were I and the Angel was standing, I told them to see how people are entering those buses with the bold writing DESTINATION:- HELL FIRE but before I could finish speaking, the two of them crossed the road and the older man entered through the window while the young man followed those one entering through the wind screen, I was calling them but the older one told me that they can’t wait; that they would rather enter this bus which they have seen than to wait for the ones to come later.

Then I heard people calling my name from the sky that I should not cross the road and they said that there were you are (which is here on earth) is where we attached importance to positions like REV., BISHOP, PASTOR,EVANGELIST e.t.c but there (in Heaven) where they are, there is nothing like that because everybody is call brother or sister so it was then I realized that my feet were glued to where I was standing and I said to them I can’t even move my feet from here. When these buses come, it will enlarge itself to enable it contains more passengers.

Now, when the fourth bus came, the Angel told me to call the attention of one of the conductors and I beckoned to the one at the back of the bus so he gave me his attention but did not leave where he was but we could communicate and I asked him why were they calling passengers into the bus then he spoke like this:- Satan the devil our master asked us to bring more souls to hell and that there is no time on our side because the Rapture is about to take place and the Son of the Most High God is about to come.

Let me describe the demon that I spoke with:- he has frog structure very big almost the height of the 911 bus, has green eye balls, his teeth were sharp and rusted like old nails also, the teeth were stained with blood so when he finished talking with me he laughed this kind of mockery laugh and continued to call passengers into the bus.

Now when the fifth bus came, the Angel called my name and asked if I know the people that was entering those buses then I answered and said, no sir then I asked him who are they? then he said that these are believers who because of one! one!! sin are entering these buses (sins like:- unforgiveness, pride, arrogant, lies, hatred, anger, gossip, unloving, strive e.t.c) he also said that in the Gospel of Mark chapter 16 he did not mention any verse that those who did not accept our Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are already condemned he also said that in 2 Timothy 2:24-26 that, the servant of the living God must not be quarrelsome; he then stretched out his right hand and asked can’t you see them quarreling and fighting among themselves?, he said again the servant of the living God must be gentle, have self-control and he asked again, are they gentle or do they have self- control? he then said to me write it down and share it with your brethren.

God bless as you have read. Do you know Hell was originally created for Satan and his agents, but they are drawing and deceiving many to go there with they. Please do not go hell, do not wait in sin until you land in hell. You need to surrender all to Jesus Christ and your name be written in the Book of Life. All you need to do is to repent, confess and start a new life in Jesus Christ.

Also if you have given your life to Jesus in the past, there is need for you to rededicate your life in self examination and reconsecration.

If you would like to surrender your life to Jesus or rededicate your life to Him, please click on this link, read and pray as directed

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